Choose Department just before Printing ticket


I use 3 Departments with same menu and different prices. It is working well. It is possible to create a question to choose department just after creating order - before printing it? I mean Sambapos should ask me " Which Department do you want to use" ?



In v5 you can just switch menus without using multi departments.


Hello Kendash

I use the same menu for all Departement and i cannot change the version just now. It would be good if i can create this question to choose Department just before printing my Order Ticket.


You can’t swap departments in middle of a ticket.


If you use 1 department and fast menu switch automation, you can setup Ticket Tags which it can ask you whast department before ticket close. And in your print out you can use the ticket tag to let kitchen know what department its coming from via ticket tag


He can’t do fast menu switch because he’s in v4


Oh true that haha sorry didnt see that.
Still ticket tags can still work too wiith multiple departments