Choosing an option for main course rather than order tag


Im not sure whether this is possible but i have tried to search the forum for answers to no avail.

I am looking to simplify my menu further as it has several navigation buttons within each main dish.
I have an Indian restaurant which provides various main courses with different meats eg Curry with Prawn, Chicken, Beef ,Lamb etc.

At the moment I have a button for every main and have listed every meat type onto seperate buttons as below:

Is there any way that I can select the main and a popup brings up the meat choice? I know its possible with order tags but what i get with order tags is:

  1. Madras
    • Chicken

What I want is

1 Madras Chicken

but i still need the other tags i have to be listed below eg:

1 Madras Chicken

  • no peppers
  • no coriander

Is this possible on the system, as you can probably tell from my posts, im a noob :slight_smile:

The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe, or sort of.

Having the Meat as an Order Tag is the proper way to set this up, but SambaPOS allows you to do other things, other ways, if you want.

So you already have each meat choice as a Main Product, but that is not what you want either.

Your only other option is to turn the Meat Modifier into Portions. Then it would look like this:


  • order tag
  • order tag

The drawback to using Portions for this type of scenario is that it leaves no opportunity for you to use them for “sizing”, like Large, Medium, Small, Half, Whole, etc. But if “sizing” does not apply to particular Products, then using Portions as “modifiers” is just fine.

In fact, I do this with some of my Products such as Bagels and Wraps, since it saves me asking the Customer what type of Bagel or Wrap they want before they start rattling off what they want in the Wrap.

I simply choose Wrap (it defaults to the Plain Portion), add the Modifiers (Meat, Cheese, Veggies), and I can ask at any point in time what type of Wrap they want: Plain, Tomato, Whole Wheat, etc…

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Portions would have been my sugestion, is what I did for this restaurant last year for similar scenario.