Choosing kitchen display hardware


We are starting up a coffeeshop/icecreamshop soon and choosing SambaPOS as the POS system. It looks great!

We about to purchase partnertech sp1000 terminals and rp-600 partnertech receipt printer. I think both those will work ok with SambaPOS. Let me know if you think there would be any issues with them.

Main thing I am unsure about what hardware is used for kitchen display… any recommendations would be great.



Kitchen display only needs to be a computer with a touchscreen. Something that could be wall mounted would probably be better to save bench space.

@JohnS are you prefering to AIO touchscreen monitor screen or we can also use CPU with touch screen monitor in kitchen if no space constraint…this is if we want to clear order from kitchen via order ready button

what if we just want to display order do we still need an AIO touchscreen will just a monitor do as we are just displaying orders no action to be taken?