Clarification on variable

using sambapos in Italian even when I follow a guide I always have difficulty in matching settings and variables.
Explain what I am: [:Increase] [:Calculate Price] [:Locked] [:Current Status] [:Status] etc
Are they variables used in the sambapos code or in the various actions and rules?
How to pass a value?
Thank you

What do you mean by Sambapos Code? It depends on how you use them. They could be settings that store a value or they could be variables used in actions. If you use [:Increase] in an action when you set it up that means it is a variable that will give you a box inside the action of a rule that is called Increase.

If you use [:Increase] in a ticket template for example it means your using it as a setting which is the same thing as [SETTING:Increase] It all depends on how you use it. Instead of asking this question why not let us know what you are trying to do and how you are confused. Also including screenshots will help illustrate your question better.

Some settings are hardcoded depending on the rule event. And they pass specific hard coded settings. Some of the ones you listed are the hard coded settings and they only work in specific rule events.

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it was just my curiosity, what I want to understand is if these codes are always the same or they can vary, as I said sambapos in Italian and I often have difficulty in understanding some configurations.

The hardcoded ones will never change but they are only usable in specific rule events. You can define your own settings and variables. To make your own settings you use the UpdateProgramSetting action. Variables are used inside Actions to define parameters.

ok, c’è una lista di questi comandi codificati?