Clear Database Transactions Button Improvements

Hi team,

The last week my Kitchen display failed to open the screen (crash everytime then of 10 seconds), I execute the button “Clear Database Transactions Button” so the issue persists, and when I try to see the kitchen display screen, show me a very old kitchen display orders… (with the database and transactions cleared).

researshing the database model, I found very old data over the table ([SAMBAPOS5].[dbo].[Tasks]), that could have generate the issue (possibly referential integrity with deleted products). To solve the issue (Kitchen display crash), I delete all the table content (almost 95.000 records) and my kitchen display table, works again.

Could be a great idea that SambaPos includes over the button “Clear Database Transactions” the erase functionality over the table tasks


Hi team,

Any comments @QMcKay?

Q passed away earlier in the year.

The task is clear transactions. And tasks are not transactions in the same way cear transactions doesnt clear entities, products and menus.

If you wanted to setup a script to clear transactions you could do that easily enough without clearing sales data.

You can edit that file yourself to add the extra SQL DELETES or you can create your own file.

Its located in Documents/SambaPOS/Database Tasks directory

Just edit that file or make a new one using the [CBL] prefix.

Thank u @JTRTech, Jesee