Clear Users from Database

I just bought a restaurant with a Samba POS system, and I’d like to clear the users from the database, but keep the rest of the database intact. Is it possible from the file system for example, config files or editing database files with a third-party app?

This is not possible because they are attached to tickets. You can rename them though.

I believe in the most recent version of SambaPOS there was Enable checkbox or something like this for each user?

That is for the time clock.

This question how to delete / disable old users or staff that are no longer employed. It would be nice to add that feature for users.

To Enable / Disable user, and group them like products are grouped under Active / Disabled

@Annanna you can use Database Tools to clear old transaction data, which will allow you to delete users, entities, accounts and anything else that used in sales records.

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