Clearing Activation key effects on other terminals?

I use several PADs, all activated by one V5pro license, latest version, now I have a new PAD and after installing V5, I get the activation issue (grey button in Sambamarkt, can not click on ACTIVATE…, following forum advices from @Jesse:
(Try this: uninstall license module logout of market account in Sambapos then shutdown Sambapos. Login to samba market and clear license keys. Start Sambapos up login to market then install and activate license.)…

I fear if I clear my licence key in the Marketplace maybe ALL my other activated terminals (PADs) have to be re-activated or maybe not work?

Does that license clearance have any effect on my existing Terminals?

Thanks for answering and Happy 4th Advent!!

You’r new PAD should just work without a need for activation when you connect it to the database.

Unfortunately not, even connected and logged in as Admin, and logged in Samba-market, the Activation Button is still grey :(( , of cause I restarted Samba several times and tried login with diferent users, uninstalled the license, installed again, logged in and out to the market… always the same “unregistered Trial”

Also, after connected the new one to the Database, now ALL me PADS shows the same ERROR “Trial Version”!!

Very annoying :frowning:

So must clear the license key now?

YES MUST, after Clear Key and reconnect to Market and DB all is GREEN-

Good to know for the next time! :slight_smile: