Clicksend set up

Hi guys,

I have gloria food and would like to text customers when order is ready for collection.

I have joined clicksend and they say it would be possible to implement clicksend to sambapos as they give api for it.

I’m not very switch on with technical stuff but I can follow instructions if it’s simple.

Could i request for some help in setting up clicksend to my sambapos please?

Thank you

Details on their api would be required for a start.
There are lots of examples on intergrations.
Some simple message servers you can use a url printer that uses a printer template and print job. A more complex api may required but more work in creating a.script to post auth and message content to their api.

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You can use url printer with clicksend. I’ll post some examples today when I get to office

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That would be great, I’ll do my best to follow the instructions and let you know how I get on. Cheers$number$&message=$message$&senderid=customphonenumber here if purchased

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My delivery driver template:

number={ENTITY DATA:Deliverers:Phone}
message=Hello {ENTITY DATA:Online Customers:FirstName} [=F(TN('{ENTITY DATA:Online Customers:Phone}'),'# (###) ###-####')] has placed an order for Delivery. Here is the address: {ENTITY DATA:Online Customers:Address}
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My customer sms template:

number={ENTITY DATA:Online Customer:Phone}
message=(AUTOMATED FOOD DELIVERY MESSAGE) Hello {ENTITY DATA:Online Customers:FirstName} your food is on the way. {ENTITY NAME:Deliverers} will be arriving at your door shortly. Thank you, Moore's Dairy Creme.   Please do not reply to this message as it is automated.  Call 870-799-3980 if you need assistance with the delivery.
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You set a print job for it and then use a rule and action to decide when to execute them. In my case I used delivery setup and when a driver was assigned to the ticket it executed both print jobs sending a text to driver and a text to customer.

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Thank you Jesse.

Can I use the same url as you posted or would each customer would have individual url?

Also how would clicksend know it’s me? How would I log in?

I want to set it hi p for collection only, so it text customers Everytime I press ready in preparing.

Thank you

Look in the url, the username, password, number and message are part of it :wink: thats how they know who you are and who your messaging.
The number and message are variables from the print templatr

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All set and done. Thank you.