Client selection messing up ticket type

I have created one additional ticket type named TicketToGo for orders to go. Some of the Order Tags are mapped to ticket type “Ticket” only.

This works very well unless I use the “Select client” button in a ticket of type “TicketToGo”. After selecting a client the Order Tags that are mapped to work only with ticket type “Ticket” start showing up.

The two different ticket types along with the Order Tag mappings work very well. The only problem is when I select a client in a ticket of type “TicketToGo”, it seems to start behaving as a ticket of type “Ticket”.

What could I be doing wrong?

You probably have Ticket set as default Ticket Type for Department. Also for your client Entity Screen be sure TicketToGo is set for Ticket Type. Finally for the Ticket Type itself check the Entity List setting.

Thanks for your answer @Jesse. I think I am still missing something. I want to have two ticket types, one for dining in and the other for to-go orders.

I have checked the default Ticket Type for Department. It is “Ticket”.
I have checked the “Search Client” Entity Screen. Ticket type is “Ticket”.
I have checked the TicketToGo Entity Listing. It hace Tables and Clients with the Copy option checked.

I looks like I would also need two client types :grin:. I don’t think this would solve the problem.

One thing I did is to change the Ticket Type to TicketToGo in the “Seach Client” Entity Screen. This action inverted the problem. Now, when I click on the Search Button while in the editing a regular Ticket, it becomes a TicketToGo Ticket.

Do you have any other suggestions?

You probably need to use 2 departments for how you want to use Ticket Types.

OK, then I believe I have to do things differently. The only reason I need two ticket types is that there is an Order Tag that I want to be active only when the ticket is for dining in.

This Order Tag defines if a particular order is a Starter or Main dish. While this makes sense for dining in orders it is not needed in to-go orders. Furthermore the to-go orders have a different template for printing.

Having two Ticket Types helped me solve this problem very elegantly … so I thought. Do you think I am using the Ticket Type in the wrong way? Only if the search client wasn’t tied up to an specific Ticket Type :sob:

Sounds like you may want to use States for defining it instead of Ticket Types. Order Tags can be

States also are great for defining Starter, Main Dish etc. In fact we have some tutorials for this. Let me dig them up.

We’ll it looks like there is not a single tutorial but there is lots of discussion on course setup. Start by looking there. I think you could use states for a very effective course setup.

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