Clone Ticket issue

Hallo guy’s,
I migrated to 5.2.15 beta release 69 and now every time i run the create and clone current Ticket action samba is taking me to the change customer screen.
Any idea why?
EDIT: I installed 5.2.16 release and still tha same problem.
Thank you.

May not fix your issue but that version is older than the release version. You should upgrade to the release version. I have not tested that but it could be a rule you have for ticket closing event. It has to close one ticket to create the clone.

Try testing it on a stock database if it still does it then we can figure out what changed.

I tried to update to 5.2.16
Still same problem

Yes I didn’t expect it would fix it. Just wanted you to know

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It will work fine on next update. I expect to have an update soon.

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We solved your problem. Please update your SambaPOS to 5.2.18


Thank you very much.
Now working perfectly.

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