"close" button problem


I choose a table and i add some products to make an order. All items are sucessfully added to this table. I take “close” button to close this order temporarly. Customer want to pay when he is leaving restaurant. Once “close” button is choosed, it prints directly ticket without payment. It must be printed when it is paid. Which rule or something else can make this?
How can i disbalbe it?


By default, it doesn’t print bill but it does print kitchen ticket.
Do you mean kitchen ticket?

Hello sukase

Yes, it prints directly kitchen ticket. I use only one printer. Bill and ticket uses same printer.


If you dont want it to print the “kitchen print” just remove the mapping from the rule and it will not print when pressing close

I use only one printer.

under rules , i have

  • ticket closing
  • ticket closing rule
    If i edit this i see following:

Execute kitchen order print job
Update ticket status
Update orde status

Under mapping, i have only * * under all category.

What i need to remove it? I need only to print ticket when it is paid.

Don’t know exactly where in V4. It is Print Job.
Or you can 1==2 in Constraint box of Execute kitchen order print job.

So, you don’t have to delete it and remove that constraint if you need kitchen ticket later.

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You need to remove or disable the kitchen order print.
That stops default printing on ticket close.

You would then need to reconfigure a new print kitchen automation in a new rule.
I would say another ticket closing rule but with a constraint {REMAINING TOTAL} == 0
You would need to edit the default kitchen print action and remove the New value for State as this is what makes kitchen printer only print new orders which they wont be if ticket has been closed before payment.
And put the updated or duplicated kitchen print action in the new rule.

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In fact, kicthen printers prints only information for personal to prepare it. If my customer need receipt for his meal, i give from ticket printer?
Or invoice printer? What s the difference exactly?

Ticket, invoice printer is for account transactions if I remember right.

How it is your sambapos? You choose a table and some products, you take " close" what is going on with yours? It prints something?

By default kitchen print is done whenever a ticket is closed with new orders which are mapped in the print job mapping.
So closing a ticket with new orders prints, if you add more orders afterwards then close only the new ones are printed so that the previous orders are not printed again.

Print bill/receipt is by default a manual button.
I also set mine to automatically print on any card payment and display option to print receipt on the show change message.

Thank you very much for mail.

Can you please make me screenshott for your print jobs and rule?

One better, have done video tutorial for show change part;

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