Close management tabs with middle mouse button

@emre would it be possible to have the tabs in the management interface close when clicked on with the middle mouse button, similar to tabs in a web browser?

I am so used to closing tabs like this in Chrome that I keep doing it in SambaPOS only for it not to work :frowning:

I think also would be a useful and fast way of closing tabs, because if working on a few things they start to mount up and its not so fast to close with the close buttons, as when you click close on one, they all resize, etc.

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Done for next update.


Hmmm… I don’t have a middle mouse button! ;(

Huh? You don’t use a wheel mouse?

Lol, cant remember the last time I even used that hehe…

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For as long as I can remember, yes, I used a wheel mouse, and had the wheel button click assigned to “double-click”. But about a year ago, searching for a small Bluetooth mouse for my laptop, I tried one of these and have learned to like it quite a bit…

… the entire top surface is a touchpad which reacts to gestures for scrolling, swiping etc. The buttons are located in the base/bottom of the mouse, so you push down on the entire casing to activate them. There is no middle button ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh but wait! I can middle-click apparently …


Ever since I learned you can middle click on tabs in the browser it’s became habit. It also works in most tabbed interfaces in other programs too.

That looks like a cool mouse, but bit small maybe

Curse and a blessing. I was looking for something small to go in my laptop bag - and it is small and thin (and rechargeable) - but sometimes things are difficult to do because of its limited size.

I haven’t had a desktop computer for about 5 years, so portable is key to me over functionality.

Back when I was building websites, and recording and mixing, my setup was much different, with a large rechargeable mouse with 7 buttons and 3 LCD monitors… but that was many moons ago.

Anyway, nice feature request nonetheless!


Its just the ergonomics of such a small mouse that would be issue for me.
Got a magic mouse for my macbook for the rare times th mat wasnt best (but to be fair touchpads are great on macs) but that is far too flat and just doesnt feel that great in your hand which is a shame…

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This is my mouse and the little button under wheel works as the middle button. Very useful while browsing Internet.