Close screen that show after displaying ticket

i went to ticket and open an old ticket to see what was on it after that i press display button , it switch me to screen with pay button only , i want to have just one button exit to exit me from this screen not to go to payment screen
below pictures explain more

On top of ticket you’ll see ticket’s Status state is Paid. You can configure how buttons appears for each ticket state. Edit Mappings for Pay Automation Command and set Enabled and Visible states to make it disappear for Paid state.

Do the same thing for Exit button. Clear Visible state completely to make it appear for all ticket states.

Your second screenshot is not the Payment screen. It is a Ticket. When you click Display in the Ticket Explorer, it shows the Ticket. You cannot change this.

If you want to go back into POS from Ticket Explorer instead of Displaying a Ticket, then you need to click Main Menu at the bottom-right.

There is another way to handle this altogether. The Ticket Explorer is a built-in screen/feature, and it cannot be modified. That said, you could create your own Custom Entity Screen and put a Ticket Explorer Widget on that screen, along with other Buttons (Automation Commands).

Here is an example of a Custom Entity Screen which contains a Ticket Explorer Widget, a Ticket Lister Widget, and an “X” button (Automation Command) which closes the screen an redirects to the POS screen …

i make the exit button avilabe in all case but still i cant see it in displaying screen

see the images below @emre

@QMcKay can you provide the link for this tutroil to follow it by steps please

  1. Clear all states. Don’t use *.
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ooh sorry man so sorry i was just looking for solution , thanks for your help