Closed Ticket does not show tender type

SambaPOS v4.1.80


Closed tickets do not show tender type. If I remember correctly, a prior version was showing tender type on closed tickets.

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The values you are referring to are shown on the Payment screen when you Settle a Ticket. They do not appear when viewing a previously-settled Ticket.

This behavior is the same even in the most-recent version, which is 4.1.82


Is there a way to find out what tender type was used after a ticket is closed. E.G After ticket is settled, I want to find out if it was settled with Cash or Credit Card.

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Find the Ticket in Manage > Accounts > Transactions. Open the Transaction Document to see the flow of funds through different Accounts.

This is one reason that I use a Ticket Tag setup to save Payment Types with the Ticket… it makes things much easier than looking through Transactions.

You can also setup custom reports to do this.

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Thanks for your assistance. You are correct regarding Ticket Tags. At one point I was tagging each ticket with its payment type. I am no longer tagging tickets.


I wish I had SQL skills to pull those reports. Any chance you can help with creating a Custom Report.

I actually prefer to use the built in syntax for custom reports. I do not use any SQL Query at all honestly. Here is where I learned it myself.

Play around with it and practice building some reports. Its really not that hard once you dive in.

However even SQL is pretty simple if you just study the syntax.

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I will give it a try. Thank you.


Any chance we can get the word “Charged” replaced with payment type such as Cash, Credit Card.

Usage case:
On one day, our cash register was short and this is not typical. I was trying to determine how tickets are settled and there no good place in SambaPOS to view this information. It will be very beneficial if payment type is shown on closed tickets. If payment type is shown on closed ticket, I can cross reference my external credit card terminal to make sure tickets are not settled with Cash on SambaPOS instead of Credit Card.

I had trouble with Ticket Tagging before and I prefer not to Tag Tickets with this information if possible.

Ticket Tagging discussion

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