Clover Integration

We recently started processing credit card with Clover Mini and Clover Hand-Helds. We would love to integrate this into our SambaPOS. Is there a way to do this? Does SambaPOS integrate with Clover.
By the way, Clover has their own POS system but we chose not to go with it because Samba is so customizable and suites our needs greatly!!
Also, any news on UberEats, PostMates or ChowNow Integration?

Clover is a competitor. We do not have an integration and do not plan to integrate to a competitor system.

We do have great card processing solutions in the USA. What country are you in?

I’m in the USA. First Data is my processing company because of their rates. CLOVER is just the equipment we are using for credit card processing. We opted-out on using them as a POS. As it stands now, we log into CLOVER for credit card transactions, add the SAMBA Ticket Number to the CLOVER and proceed with the credit card processing. We do this so we can match up all credit card transactions with the SambaPOS.

You may find an intergration would be blocked on there side, if you think about it, they want you to use their epos system so probably not keep on opening intergratipns on their hardware for other software.

We provide custom rates with our processing partners. Chances are we can beat the rate you got or match it. We can write to First Data as well.

We can integrate to clover hardware but it is not something we want to do as it is a competitors system and they would most certainly try to take our customers.

We can match or beat any rate anyway with great hardware from ingenico, pax, veriphone. We offer plug and play hardware integration.

We implemented integrated credit card processing about 4 months ago from standalone desktop terminals. I am so glad we made the switch. It has been great! For us, customers pay at the counter. It was a little hard to get used to a different way of doing things. But we adapted.

The support from International Bancard is phenomenal. I was having trouble with a wireless terminal. Support had us try a few things and said they would call back the following week. I thought, yeah right, sure you will. I got a call from them the following week! Our previous CC company never did that.