Colour on occupied, paid an settled tables

ill look into the auto time reset now too

Yes, thats the exact flow am looking for, with this and auto resetoptions together, it will be a big achievement.
Auto reset will help in a big way where a customer books the table for some few days. It wil make it easy for the servers and recepptionists in their differnt shifts to understand what is going on. In the hotel

how to do want to set auto reset will it be a different time depending on person/room or will they all be set to reset at a set time?

if its different well need a way to setup what that time will be when they first open the room ticket (orange state)

Auto reset should be per person. The person booking the room/TABLE can occupy the table for 2hrs, one day, 3days or even a week. So yes its per person.

Hi @ilyas as you can note you also lost all column headers for all the other reports except for the first the first report at rhe top. Kindly

Hi @RickH ho are you doing?
Am well, kindly requesting if you can give me configurations for for this solution with the table reset button option. Am being pushed to the corner and I need to show the achievements so far, sorry for insisting. Nice time.


Sorry i was working on on trying to setup the individual timer for auto reset but its far more complicated than i first thought

I have however updated the manual reset, added a couple of extra features and remove the need for an additional screen to reset the table, its now much quicker and slicker without the need for another screen, and looks better this way. This is the flow:

Select room and add orders

Youl see updated buttons under the ticket, press Submit to submit the orders and return to table screen with updated enitity colour

Press Settle to pay and clear the ticket and update entity colour to red for settled but still occupied

The new RED button will update every minute with the number of minutes it has been settled for, it shows no number as above when less than 1 minute. Once 1 minute and over the number will appear as below

To reset simply click back into the room and press the red Close/Reset button to make Room available again

A couple of fail safes setup so that pressing close or sumbit at the wrong times doesnt change states and button colours etc.

The Green SUBMIT button will ONLY work when there is an open ticket with orders on it, or new items are added. Pressing this with open tickets will close the ticket without affecting the colour state and submit any new orders that are added. If this button is pressed when there are no order/open tickets you will get the following error message

Press OK and then the RED Close/Reset button to close the ticket and go back to the room selection screen

The RED Close/Reset button will ONLY work when there are NO open orders and the ticket is blank, this stops the ticket being incorrectly closed and wrong states and colour updates being applied. This also is the button to press to reset the settled and occupied red state back to the available white state. If it is pressed with open orders/tickets you will get the following error message

Press OK and then the Green submit button, or if added in error cancel the item so the ticket is blank and then press Close/reset to go back to room selection screen and update room back to available

Ill put together a database tools file for you to import, you may need to do a couple of tweaks you may get duplicate buttons under the ticket so youll need to remove the old ones etc

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TS - Table Settled (1.8 KB)

backup first before installing an then test to make sure works ok, may need some tweaks depending on if you have any other automation that may affect it. Let me know how you get on

Hi @RickH thanks alot for the time taken to work on this feature. The flow is ok and even better than the firdst one.
I will start my testing lafer in the day and get back to you. Thanks alot for your commitments.
Will keep you posted on the development.

Hello, I tried it out but still after settling it doesn’t show red. Yet I uploaded the file. What do you think could be the problem

If it’s not changing colour it’s probably because the state isn’t updating correctly or it’s been overridden by another automation at the same time

If you turn on the rule debugger and then do a new ticket and settle it, look at the rule debugger and see what other rules are running at the same time that are updating states

It was 2 years ago I think I did that and I think someone requested it so I had a look and built the automation, but a lot has changed in 2 years that could have affected it, or there’s other automation going on

Have a look at the rule debugger and if I get time tonight I’ll have a look at it and see if it still works

Ok look through it and see. But my side is still failing