Colour schemes for POS

Is there any future implementation of being able to create colour schemes for tills?

So far we have black or white? But will there be a way to change all the colours yourself?

Just think it’ll be good for some businesses to have a coloured till to match their interior colours :slight_smile:


That could be a disaster lol. There is a lot more to that then just changing colors. It took a while to get dark theme done due to all the parts that it affects


aww, ok … :slight_smile:
thought it could be good if we were given colour options :slight_smile:

Yeah would be cool but honestly feel like emre has way more important stuff on his plate right now. He did dark them not so pos looks cool but rather to help venues with dark settings so the screens arent bothering peoples eyes. Maybe in future but dont expect this anytime soon. For now he should focus on features for program then user interface prettyness later.