Combo for Dummies

Ok, First of all I am going to apologize because I am sure this has been covered before. I cant find it anywhere when I search. I am looking for a step by step answer for this as I am new and muddling through it. Please help…

I want to Create a Product Button the says “Pizza + Pitcher Combo” The Pizza is priced at $12.00 bucks and the Pitcher is priced at $8.00 already in the products. I just want to hit the “Pizza + Pitcher Combo” button so it lists both on ticket as combo. Need it this way as I have tax on Pizza, but not on Pitcher.

Please help this Newbie. Thanks in Advanced.

I am working on something when done I’ll post a tutorial. I think you will like it.


Awesome. learning this software. I need to buy a license and have no idea what the differences are. Gonna have one back office and 2 or 3 terminals. What do I need for license? No need for mobile. Can you sell?


You should contact the reseller in your area. I can resell in the USA.

You only need 1 license it supports unlimited terminals. License price is typically $249 that is just license no support etc. Some resellers may offer it priced differently depending on level of support etc they provide. But honestly since your here… unless you want to pay for help I would just buy the license and if you feel you need help down road then maybe consider paid support through your reseller.

I personally just resell hardware or license with no added support.

do you reccommend any paticular receipt printer and cash drawer or are they all just as easy to hook up?

Personally I use cheap chinese printers I bought from Amazon… They are ethernet epson knockoffs but work very well. Saved me almost $200 each printer.

Cash drawers you just need someone that can hook to printer so match up the connector and voltage with what printer supports. I recommend the smaller ones vs the big huge tills.

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perfect! I reached out to reseller in Michigan. We will see if they contact me. If not can you sell me a license?

I can sell you license yes. PM me.

My only thing is… if you think in future you may want extended paid support I currently only offer LIcenses, and Hardware preconfigured basic menu. I do not offer extended support… I typically help people for free on forum. If you think you may want paid support in future you may want to estabolish with a different reseller.

do I need a add-on to program to use our credit card machine account info if I use a card reader through the computer. I wont want paid support. I have it probably about 75% figured out so far, I just will rely on forum support if needed.

Right now SambaPOS does not offer an integrated CC solution… but it shouldn’t be much longer and they will. They are working on it with USA partners as we speak.

I personally use Square and just process through there for my food truck while I wait for the integrated solution. AKA I ring it up and press credit and I put that total through square.

I will do that with our current credit card machine for now.

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If you just want license and dont care to get paid support in future I will gladly sell you a license… PM me I do not put my info public in forum just because I dont want unnecessary spam.

I do resell hardware terminals, printers, etc… mine are nice professional systems so they are not cheap. But you get quality spill resistant, dust resistant very tough systems built for restaurants.

I will probably next week. Elks Lodges are dying all over the place and Im trying to help keep this one a float. I will reach out to you next week when I have rest of equipment in to get license. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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NP my price is $249 for license and I accept cards through invoices.

A system I am working on with Emre for combos… its not finished but here is a sneak peak. This can be used for other promotions as well.

Notice it auto builds the combos… based on tags I assigned to various items.

What your seeing is a 5$ combo… It ignores portions so I can add extra portion to the $5 price… it also ignores special order tags that should be extra price.

I am working on adding price selector so some items combos base price is more than 5$

If it detects items that are really a combo it auto builds the combo… saving time… YOu dont have to go back and make it a combo…

WAY more then we need. I have Beer, Liqour, Shots, Pop, Pizza, Snacks, Specials, and Venue
Beers = $2.75, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 Pitchers $8.00 and $12.00
Shots = 2.50, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00
Liqour = 4.25, 5.25, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00
Pop = 1.00, 4.00, 1.50
Pizza = 12.00 and the combo of 12.00 pizza, 8.00 pitcher, and 0.00 16 oz glass
Snacks = 1.00, 1.50
Specials = Member BOGO for 4.25 rail drink, 5.25 top shelf, 5.00 wine, Member Pitcher is $5.00 or 10.00. Member Combo is 12.00 Pizza, 5.00 Pitcher, and 0.00 16oz glass.
Venue= is room rental, deposit, and drink ticket sales, and keg sale for events or weddings.

That’s it. I figured our the Member specials so they only offer the discounted price on Fridays. I cant figure out how the Member BOGO button will show a 4.25 drink and then another one for 0.00, but also still take count off inventory. Then the combo I cant figure out either. Just want the button to list a $12.00 pizza and charge tax on it, then list a non tax 8.00 pitcher and 0.00 16 oz glass but also effect inventory for pizza and beer.

I know its more than you need… It can be adapted… that was a use case for my restaurant. I was just showing you that we can set it up to auto build combos.

Next few days once I finish mine… ill post a detailed tutorial… and then ill post a tutorial for your use case as well.