Combo Item by timing and discount


My cafe would like to introduce a package, where during 9pm-11:59pm from mon-thurs, each ANY one(1) cakes (we have over 10 cakes) ordered, there will be 50% discount on the next one(1) teas (we have over 150 teas). Is there a way to do this as our cakes and tea price vary depending on the type. But it is grouped together as CAKES and TEA.

Also can there be a functions, where I ordered 3 of the same items, price at $3.50 each, resulted in $10.50. I would like to have them automatically priced at $10 if each of these 3 same items appeared in the order. And the 4th items will result in the same pricing as $3.50 until it reach 6th, then the total amount of the items would be resulted in $20 for 6 units.

Cheers. Sorry for my bad english. :smile:

Have a look at this tutorial to start with.


You can read Triggers section of this document to get the idea

This document is for v2 but implementation is same for V4

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