Combo Meal Plans

Hi there,

I am a new fan of this powerful POS. I have been playing around with it for the last couple of days and loving it each day. I have a small issue which I think will be handled if someone can just guide me. While designing the menu; I was able to add individual products but having difficulties in creating combos.

So the requirement/ guidance in POS is:

Customer, through a Call Agent first select Combo Meal Plan and then for each item in the Combo Meal, customer will have multiple choices e.g., for an Entrée or multiple entrées, customer is able to select different products individually and then move to the next item which is a selection of a Main dish. Here too, customer will have multiple options for selection and so on for rest of the Combo items. Combo Meals are at discounted prices. I want to the provision of selling individual items as well as combos too.

I have combo meals designed in such a way that:
Combo Meal 1 is - 1 Entrée, 1 Main Dish, 1 soda,
Combo Meal 2 is - 2 Entrees, 1 Main Dish, 1 Soda and 1 dessert item. So on and so forth…

I have 20+ Entrees (such as Chicken Ginger, Pepper Chicken etc) and 4, 5 Main dishes (Rice, Noodles etc) and 10-12 Soda types and plenty of desserts. If bought individually, 1 Entrée $12 + 1 Main Dish $10 + 1 Soda $2 + 1 Dessert $4 = $28 but Combo Meal can be priced less like $22 or $26 etc.

Would appreciate if someone can please guide me step by step.

Thanks. Ahsan

Hi @AhsanAhmad

Type Combo into the Search and you will find several useful topics.

Did that and happy. Thank Isaac!