Comet CID Error and no caller ID

Hi All,
Ive been using Sambapos v5 for for a Pizza shop a few years now with Comet caller ID with no real issues.
Since yesterday the system has developed an error as shown on the picture below. We are in the UK and the phone company is with 3rd party company Clear Business but with the BT line. The line is not VOIP and on the old phone line.
Now I don’t get any caller ID.
The phone line is connected directly from the wall to the Comet box and then to the USB to the computer.
I use AT#CID=1 for the caller ID to work.
I have cleared all settings and deleted the Comet files with in the ProgramData folder with still no joy.

I only get this error message on first boot after delete/resetting all the Comet settings.

I was hoping someone here has experienced similar issues and can help me.

Kind regards


Looks like MAC addresses.

I know but i dont have voip??

Any ideas what i can do.?

See if you can find a reseller who can help. They’ve probably been through this situation before and could solve it in a fraction of the time that it would take you.

Doesn’t look like a samba issue to me at first glance. But this would need more work up e.g. with PuTTY.

Any Reseller here have had this issue before?