Commision for the waiters per order placed

Example ,Our waiters are not paid any salary,they earn $1 per item ordered,i want to set up my system in such a way that it can compute all the commission accrued for each waiter at the end of the work period.The commission is paid out on weekly basis.
Can someone guide me how to achieve this without necessarily using order tags as illustrated in the forum.i find using order tags being quite cumbersome since we use order tags to refine our orders like
(no oil,less chilli etc).
Please let me know if their is another way to do the same on this beautiful and incredible POS,great.

any lead on this topic

Use order state let call it Seller
Order add to ticket event -> Update order state Seller to {:CURRENTUSER}
Use Report Tag to get total quantity for order state.


hi, i am glad for your reply.Would you mind demonstrating using screen shots.

hi sir! would you mind to demonstrate this cant make any leap and bound.I am totally blank on this,please help out

Take a look at default rule in Order add to ticket section. Prob. Only one there. That rule to set order state name Status to New.
You have to create new action (clone default action) and change Status to whatever name you want.

I @muthoga

I do this, don’t have time to demo everything right now, but basically…

  • Create an order tag for commissionable items which allows the operator to select (possibly multiple) people to get commission per order.
  • Create a rule that will add an order state to all orders when the ticket is closing and the amount remianing to be paid = 0 (and that have not already had this state applied - in case you have re-opened a ticket and now you are closing it for a second time)
  • Create a rule that will be fired when an order state is updated (but filter it to the specific state you just created in the previous rule). Now, you have a rule that will be fire for each paid order item. From here you can evaluate the number of people who need commission, the quantity and value of the item. This should be enough to create an account transaction document to put some money in the customer accounts for each employee who needs some commission for this order (HINT: Store the customer name value of your employee as the order tag, so the tag specifies exactly which customer should get the commission credit).

He don’t want Order Tag. Even not printed. I think too messy on screen.

Whoops - I misread the original post :worried:

Here you go

Create Action:

Create Rule:

States (Setting -> States):

When Order Add

It even show on default work period report.


Thankyou all foryour time letme try out this and revert to you tomorrow because today am taking alittle break