Commission based On product sold

Hellow all.Commission based On product sold, for example we pay our sales reps on item sold basis .for ever 24 pcs of soda or 1 case he/she earn $ 0.5 , 48pcs or 2 case he/she earn $1
Please let me know if their is a way to do the this on this beautiful and incredible POS,great.

Depends on how you want to process it? Do you want this reflected in accounts within samba or just a report fro commission due.
Report would be allot simpler.
Reporting item sales by user is 5 min job.
If you wanted report showing actual commission due, little longer. If its not a flate rate with fixed abouts based on product you would need say custom product tag for each product which you can then report on and use report math to calculate.
Fully accounted route would be more complex and something there would be better people on forum to discuss with than me.

report for commission based on quantity sold per sale rep

Think you maybe missed some points there…
Please clarify exactly is commission calculated? Dont think your post is 100% clear.
If its a flat % rate its simple, report sales by used and calculate % of sales.
If its a value per unit based on product with the value not being based on actual product value you would need a way to specify that like a custom product tag which you can then report on.

Also need to clarify exactly who get commission?
Ticket user
Order user
Payment user
In your setup they may all be the same person but they can be different and are different variables and each have potential to report different values, so should be taken into consideration.

Also do you need products listed or just a ‘sales’ value per user? This is reported on WP report by default based on payment user.

waiter gets commission based on quantity he/she sold not the total sale

i need product listed

[Item Sales by $1:3,2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity.sum:(ODI=True)&&(OU=$1)}


You could have found something pretty similar just by searching forum.


on the right track but am look for this

This is why I was asking questions.
If your not clear, have to guess… Not mind reader.

COMMISION.pdf (202.8 KB)

[Item Sales by $1:3,2,2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity.sum,[O.Quantity.sum]*10:(ODI=True)&&(OU=$1)}
Total||{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:[O.Quantity.sum]*10:(ODI=True)&&(OU=$1)}



show this when more than 1 user make a sale

Are, ok, missed the list separator.
Will need to check on pc.
Or if you look at default wp or item sales for the code.
After the odi and ou=$1 it needs something like :{0},}
Look at those reports where there is an @ line and you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks a lot i manege

a quick one. is it possible to increase inventory quantity {what i have in stock} when i sale menu item

Should be a new topic but I think it should be posible.
You will see in the update order action there is an increase inventory field which if set to true will do what you ask. So you would need to automate process for this.
If you look at different redund options on forum you will find examples from those who have setup a refund process which puts item back into stock.

Thanks for reply. great job i creat as a new topic