Community portal

hi all ,for those who have used the new community portal to purchase licence kindly let us know the procedure of activating the licence after purchasing.

Once you have purchased you licence you login within the samba program in the market (globe button on nav screen). Login should show on top right.
If not per installed install the licence module.
Click activate.

This is what i did,i made a payment worth $99 for a new licence.I dont know the defined procedure to follow.
Now i can see the transaction was completed and the money is being reflected on PAYMENTS.
What i need is to purchase the licence and allocate the same to my client so that i can activate the same on samba market module on clients server. Kindly assist as Tayfun isn’t available

Made a payment without buying?
Not sure,
I bought a licence the other day, just went to store and added licence to cart, paid, then in licences clicked on it and entered the customers name in allocate box and done… licence set to customers account.

Thankyou JTRTech i have managed to get hold of Tayfun