Como arreglo este error

Hello tody samba show me an error you can say me how repair.jpeg)

What is the your samba version ?

THis is SambaPOS 4.1.82

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Serhatglu hello the versión is 4

I think the error about is because you tried to report the error and that feature may not be working in V4 anymore (V4 has not had updates now for 5 years).

What is more important is what happened that caused the crash? What were you doing?

Can you reproduce it?

If so, please copy and paste the detailed report here as it’s not very clear in your photo. Thanks.

I would guess maybe being v4 which doesn’t have custom reporting included as standard either the module isn’t installed/activated.

Can you please copy and paste that error in here so we can read it all without straining? We are missing vital inner errors.