Compatible Printers Question

Has anyone ever tried to use these kinds of printers?

Just installed one very similar for a client.
The bought themselves.
First impressions was very good.
Solid build.
Liked the bleep till ticket is removed, nice touch.
That was only last week so not sure on longevity.
One FYI, if it’s similar to one I installed you might need some patients for setup, disc came with the usually very poor utility programs half of which didnt work.
Wouldn’t find on network and came with a fixed ip out of common subnets so had to configure network via usb rather than via webgui like I would usually on a machine which came with dhcp

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thanks! Thats really helpful! I think were going to roll the dice and get one to test out.

I can get you a better printer from one of our hardware partners for around that same price. And the one I get you would have Ethernet.

BTW its not water proof or oil proof thats a lie. Dont be fooled by that. A lot of them say that but its just not true.

LOL gotta love the cheap chinese english. Quicky paper change, Wall amount support. I have nothing against those printers but it always makes me laugh when I read their descriptions on Amazon.

It does have ethernet.
In fairness if the built quality is similar to the one I installed the other day is pretty good.

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I think they have already been ordered. Well give them a test and see we got 3 of them.

Hey Jesse, I’m currently considering a couple generic thermal printers. Can you provide info and pricing on the printers from your hardware partners?

Sure here are the ones I recommend.

The one I recommend is the RP 700 its a very nice high quality printer in a small package. I can get it for $162 + shipping.

I can get the RP 600 for $140 or the RP 630 or RP 100 for $120 all of them are plus shipping. The big difference in these vs those generic ones is these will come with 3 year depot warranty.


I can second Jesse on the quality from partner tech. I would like to add their support here in Aus is absolutely fantastic. I was introduced to them by @markjw. Haven’t looked at another supplier since.

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For everybody’s information, Partnertech is pretty OK in English support as it has been in the Western RETAIL market for a while. The products they selected are pretty sturdy and suitable for the US general market. The headquarter of its parent group is in Taoyuan,Taiwan while both R&D centers and majority of products are made in various locations of mainland China. It makes ALL-IN-ONE POS terminals too(if it is not the main business) but I found its cost effectiveness is only so so even though they provide very long warranty.
For e.g. the SP-1060, a celeron G3900 for $1360 w/ 5 years warranty from Newegg
A customer of mine gave up two of these machines recently for faster ones I build for them after they took over a failed restaurant.

For the sector of customers I dealt with, their restaurants change hands pretty frequently and the durability factor of equipement become much less valued by the owners.

That is nowhere near the partner prices and is a very extreme markup from Newegg. I can configure a j34 128g m.2 SSD, 8g ram Audry system for less than $900. Partnertech is not the cheapest that’s for sure but that was a retailers price with significant markup and not Partnertechs price.