Complete sale with a no price order tag

Greetings!!!As I can make an product without price in order tag. But let me complete the sale, and do not leave me this notice. I need this product without price and complete sale.Is there any way to do? Thanks!!!

In ticket types, go to your ticket types settings and there is an option to tick to allow zero priced orders.

Your using a product as a modifier? How does that work? Why not add those modifiers to the actual product. Wouldnt that get confusing if you have it on its own product?

Greetings Kendash. I have products that may have modifiers but i dont use always. And the clients buy food all time as it. Very rare modifiers use. This is the situation i use a product as modifier. but the RickH answer is very ascerted. thanks !!! functions perfect. thanks all!!! :grinning: