Complimentary Night

I am looking for a way to setup a Complimentary night. Everything will be free on this night but I want a way of recording everything that is sold/free on the night. I am not sure what is the best way to do this. We would run nights like this maybe 4 times a year so solution would have to be a permanent one.

That makes me shiver lol. But you could setup a solution to set price to 0… in the USA we would have to still pay tax on all that stuff not sure how it works there.

Its not my restaurant :slight_smile: . I’m only setting Sambapos up for them. I have everything ready to go live when I was asked this. Seemly the Boss runs nights for clients and they are all free of charge. I’m not sure about the tax side either but i will ask. I was thinking maybe setting up a customer account and charging everything to that but then it would count as a sale. I don’t understand when you say set price as 0?

This should simulate selecting an Order and pressing the Gift button:

Create an Action for Execute Automation Command, and use Gift for the Automation Command Name.
Create a Rule for Order Added to Ticket, place the Action in the Rule.
Map the Rule as usual.

When the Free Night is done, remove the mapping to disable the Rule.
When the next Free Night occurs, put the mapping back in to enable the Rule.

Thanks I will give it a go.

This Works but I have a table system setup and the table system doesn’t work with above solution. When I select the Table,add order and then close the ticket the ticket does not attach itself to the table.

If I am correct what happens is that since all items on that table are GIFTED and table total is zero, it just closes it all…

I can assure you its registering the gifts however, you could just leave the orders with values all the way until the end, and only when its time to go that you click the button and “GIFT AWAY” the products.

Look at the rules to figure out why that behavior happens. You can probably modify the button to fix the appropriate state change. You should be looking at rules that changes ticket state.

LOL, I knew this would be the next thing that you would mention.

@sabata is correct. This is exactly what is happening.

This is the way I would handle it as well. It is similar to the VIP/HH setup, which works off of Ticket State to determine what gets discounted. Basically:

  • Remove the Rule and Action that I previously posted, so that Orders are not Gifted.
  • Create a button to Gift the whole Ticket.
  • When the button is clicked, it should update Ticket State (ie. FStatus) to something like “Complimentary”.
  • For the Event called Ticket State Updated, check FStatus, and call an Action that updates the Order State (GStatus) to Gift. This will make all items free.
  • If you do not want certain items Gifted, use Rule Constraints to filter Products or Product Groups.