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i want to acknowledge the samba team for great work they have been doing. Not long ago since i joined this samba forum and i am really progressing with the team.The more i learn about samba pos the more i like the product,my only challenge is that i want to learn the system really fast and make sure some of my requirements are taken in consideration.
One thing ,i cant figure out how to add accompaniments on the ordered items,Lets assume i have ordered sirloin steak (Main dish) ,This can be served with rice,mashed potatoes,chips etc.I need to know how i can add these accompaniments in the menu since the price is the same.So the price of sirloin steak will remain constant but the accompaniment can vary without affecting the price.


Im sorry I dont think im understanding you fully, If your saying that when someone orders serloin steak, they can choose between rice, mashed potatos, and chips. You can do this with order tags under the tickets section in the samba settings. There you can define how much you want to charge for each order tag.


You want order tags, search it on the forum for more info, the settings are in the tickets s croon rather than products.

i am glad for your assistance edd

Also, if you have a modifier for a modifier for example, the mashed potatos you need to know if you should add gravy or another item to it do it like this in the order tags,

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes.’
Mashed Potatoes.Gravy
Mashed Potatoes.Item 2
Chips.Sun Chips

It also supports other things like for example Steaks that come with sides You could do this.
Product Steak

Order Tags mapped to Steak

Cook.Well Done
Sides.Fries.With Cheese
Sides.Fries.Without Cheese
Sides.Onion Peddles
Salad.No Salad

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Thankyou so much kendash i am good to go now

This is so helpful edd,kind regards

another very useful feature for order tags: