Conditional display tags do not work in Customer (Account) Receipt Template

I’ve noticed this for some time, but haven’t reported it.

In all my receipt templates, I use {SETTING:X} or {CSETTING:X} tags for company name, etc. I then use conditional display [] tags to make sure the lines are only printed when a value exists. It works fine on all templates except any that related to printing account transaction documents. It parses the {CSETTING:X} but displays the conditional display tags rather than parsing them.

For example the default “Customer Receipt Template”:

-- General layout
<C10>Account Transaction Receipt
<L00>Transaction Type: {DESCRIPTION}

<J00>Balance:|{SOURCE BALANCE}

Preview shows fine:

When printed, the {CSETTING:X} tags are parsed but doesn’t work with conditional display tags.

It’s the same for any template printed using Print Account Transaction Document action - like for gift certificate prints.

Bracket feature specifically implemented for ticket printing.

So it doesn’t work on “Print Account Transaction Document” then?

The formatter that formats the printout are different for tickets and account transaction documents. That feature implemented for ticket formatter but not account transaction document formatter. We can implement it on future versions.