Conditionally grey out the Credit Card payment button


I’d like to know if it’s possible to conditionally grey out the Credit Card payment button.

I have a ticket tag (CCN) that is supposed to contain the last 4 digits of the authorization code of the credit card payment transaction.

So the customer pays with his credit card, and a voucher is printed containing a long authorization code. I just take the last 4 digits.

The 4-digits code is supposed to be entered manually by the waiter in the ticket, button CCN, before entering the settle screen.

If the waiter forgets to type in the 4-digits code (TicketTag CCN is null), I’d like the payment button Credit Card to be greyed out.

Is it (easily) possible?

Thank you

There is not a way to de-activate the Credit Card button based on a condition.

However, I can think of a couple options you could do:

Option 1 (easiest) would be create a rule based on payment processed via Credit Card that would show a popup for the user to enter the 4 digit code. (Add a constraint if the Ticket Tag is null.) This will show a popup after the Credit Card payment, if the ticket tag is null.

Option 2 Create another ticket type for ordering that the Credit Card is not mapped to. You will need 2 new rules, one rule when the Ticket Tag is selected (event) it would change the Ticket Type to your standard ticket type (using the action: Change Ticket Properties). You will also need to add another rule when a ticket is paid it would change the ticket to the your standard ticket type. This will force the user to enter the 4 digit code before processing the credit card payment. Other payments (Cash, Voucher, etc) would be processed normally (the payment screen would not have a Credit Card payment option), after the other payment the second rule would change the ticket type to your normal ticket type.

You can do this with Payment Processor, Use a script to ask for the 4 digits and require that before it processes the payment. I will explain in a moment

This is how we can use Ask Payment Description Payment Processor.

You can configure ask payment description by using [?x] syntax.

 [?CC Type;;Amex|Visa|Master Card|Dinners] ([?Enter Last 4 digitis;.{4};;ON])

That configuration will execute editor when we process a credit card payment.

If you press ok without input or press cancel it will not process the payment.


Stores it in payment description you can also build reports for that.

You can modify what was in the [?prompt] so it fits your needs.

Understood. Thank you, Jesse.
I’ll do it this night after closing. I’ll let you know.