Configuration tasks empty

Hello everybody,

I want to switch theme but the configuration tasks do not appear:
(even after “downloading is finished”)

they appear when I choose Modify Tasks:

But cannot execute from there

Which version do you use?

You can switch theme without the task. It’s in settings/programsettings

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SambaPOS V5 Pro 5.2.4

The reason is because Configuration Tasks are language specific. You appear to be running SambaPOS in French language. If you change to English, the configuration tasks will appear, or alternatively you could try editing the tasks and setting the “Language” to fr, e.g.:

However I have never tested this and you may have issues as if you created your database initially in French language, it is likely some rules, actions and automation commands were created with French names and therefore the configuration task may not work - this is likely why they have a language setting in the first place. So if you do try changing language, make sure you create a backup first!


I’ll not touch it now, I go live tomorrow with new system implementing “electronic billing from perú”, a mess.

By the way I just receive that (i check the log.txt, nothing inside with “github”)


Can you access that URL from your web browser?

(Press Ctrl+C when the dialog is shown to copy the contents of the error message, which you can then paste the URL to your browser)

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