Configuring two cashdrawers

We are currently using two pos system i.e server pos system and client pos system. We also have 2 kitchen printers. Both cash drawer are connected to the pos terminal via converter to the dedicated cashdrawer port on the pos terminal and 1 shared receipt printer for both terminals. How do we configure both cash drawers?

Usually cash drawers connect to printer, is alloy simpler.
You will need to get info for your hardware first as these type of direct ports are less universal than the via printer option.

we also have same issue.

we setup samba POS in 2 Pos machines. POS1 is server and POS2 is clients which connected to database on POS1.
Please see our connections diagram below:


we have separate cashdrawers added to the samabaPOS for both cash drawers because what ever we configure on one goes to another one as they are connected to the same database.

Now if we make transaction from POS1 it is executing both cashdrawer opener templates. and only one cash drawer is connected to the one system so it gives error that printer name is invalid.

Another issue is that how can we see a report for each POS1 and POS2. for example, at end of the day we need a sales report from POS1 like, total sales done from POS1. I know we can make combined sales report for POS1 and 2. However we need separate one.

please let me know if anyone has any idea.

You need to assign terminal numbers in the local settings and restrict the template to the specific terminals.

Same thing, make sure you assign terminals to your POS’s and then filter or add the terminal to your report.

Assigning Terminals

Report for Terminal Sales

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