Confirm Change Table Message before table change

Hi Everyone

I am trying to show confirmation message box before someone changes table. Because I am facing problems with unknowingly changing table when in rush.

For this I managed to get message box. OK is changing table but when I press Cancel message popups again. However, it changes table. I don’t want it pop up again when I cancel. Here is what I have done:

Step1: Create Change Table Question as below:

Step2: Create new Rule for change Entity

Step 3: Created new rule for Automation Command Executed:

Now After This I get Message Box As Below:

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So according to that you set it to change table on cancel but not on OK

Don’t you already have a discussion about this going? Why make another?

Hi I haven’t got response in that one from last few days and I thought may be because that is in another topic.

Typically it’s lack of interest.

I think you find I replied and gave a solution?

Hi GreatShakesBar.

Yes I tried your solution too. It helped me to understand process. thanks for help.

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