Confirmation Fast Button Payment

This When We Click Fast Button Payment 200.000

if i clik Button “No”
and then it happen

after i click OK, it close ticket and display table.

this is Rule Fast Payment

rule Show Message

Confirmation Message From Cash Payment Type

How to change rule if i click Button “NO” at Confirmation message, not show Change Due Message and stiil at order dispaly.?

I would remove the change message action from the fast cash rule and create a new rule for the change message

Set the change message rule as a payment processed rule with a constraint of { TICKET TOTAL } equals zero

Sorry, I still not understand.

i have been use this payment Processed to print bill for cash

All payment cash or fast cash use this same rule.
How to apply change due messagge?

Look at your rules… lets think about what they are doing…

You have a Fast Payment Button that executes two actions.

Action 1 = ACM Pay Ticket by Fast Cash
Action 2 = Execute Automation Command

Both actions are fired… means both are going to execute right?

So what do you think outcome will be?
Hint- Both will execute

If you do not want one of them to execute then you need to add a constraint on it. So for your rule that handles Show Change Due add a custom constraint of Command Value Equals No Change it to Matches All

It’s okay now when i click No at confirmation message.
But when i click Yes at Confirmation Message. rule of show change due did not work. it is still at ticket order, no closing ticket.

You need another rule for handeling yes. BTW that screenshot looks wrong… you do not want to show change due when you click no correct?

PS reason it works is because you typed no for command value… no is not a command value. No is. Its case sensitive. So now its not firing EITHER rule.

THINk about it. Your telling it exactly what to do. So you need to tell it in the right order.’

If you have Two Command Value’s: Yes and No then write your rules accordingly.

The Rule with Command Value Yes obviously should have Show Change Due action in it. The rule with Command Value No should NOT have Show Change Due action.

It makes sense if you select No then you do NOT want Change Due action correct?

To summarize this you need 2 actions for handeling the Automation Command. One for Yes and one for No.

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I Just Change Command Value equal Yes. Still not work Change Due Message.

If i remove constraint Command Value. Confirmation Yes => Show Change Due

Show your Ask Question action.

This is Ask Question Action

@Johan_yo try removing payment processor that asks confirmation and add confirmation to automation command button that configured for 200 payment.

Sorry, still not solve.

Ok so expand the rule containing ask question. I have feeling buttons are not setup with values.

@Jesse he’s not using ask question. Using confirmation payment processor won’t update a command value in rule chain so we won’t be able to determine if user clicked yes or no.

@Johan_yo can you please give me a link for the tutorial you followed to implement that?

I still confuse it,please can you guide me.

This Tutorial

Change Due message box
RickHFeb 3
i use states to determine what receipt prints i have have different templates for cash, card, bar tab, parked sales, refunds, staff discount, customer discount etc so all receipts print depending on the ticket state. Ive set ALL my receipts to print depending on state so this example shows this so you can replicate it

you will need the following:

  1. Action - update ticket state
  2. Action - Pay Ticket as Cash
  3. Action - Ask Question
  4. Action - Print Receipt
  5. Rule - Fast Cash £5
  6. Rule - Warning message ticket total greater than fast cash amount
  7. Rule - Payment Processed Cash
  8. Rule - Execute Autoprint Receipt Cash

Change message and logout

  1. Action - Show change message and logout
  2. Action - Logout user
  3. Rule - Show change message and log out (payment processed rule)

But i not make logout user, just close ticket

@emre OK I see now I am sorry I must have missed that screenshot. so @Johan_yo start over and ignore everything I previously said I probably messed you up further.

Oh, recently i solved it by change all again with this tutorial

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