Confusion to understand KOT

Dear expertise@ emre @ ke dash. Last night I had a mess in my restaurant because the kitchen staff was not understand which is dine in or which is take away from KOT . Is that possible if I print the invoice and as well as KOT in he kitchen then it should mention that weather the order is dine in or take away. Because in take away we use packing and last night my kitchen staff packing the order of dime in and making dine in of rake way order. How can I solve this problem thanks

It depends on how you are specifying in or out…
YES it is going to be possible but without more information you will not get any advice…
What do you use to specify in or take away? Ticket tag? States? Ticket Types? Departments?
Samba is very flexible which is great but means every persons system is different.
You need to explain factors relating to the question for advice…

I am not using any ticket tag, states or department . I have only one department which restaurant and then I have set my menu. When customer order it just display my order list ,price tax , and please see the attachment with this of my KOT AND INVOICE. I just want if I can write on the KOT and on the invoice dine in or take away that can sort out my problem. Like any button on screen kind of dine in or take away if I press the dine in button the KOT print dine in for kitchen if I press take away the KOT print take away on KOT or any other answer witch can print on KOT OR ON DINE IN that it is dine in or take away.

Hey expertise… can I two button on my screen if I press take away then it print take away on KOT and if I press dine in then it print DINE IN on KOT or on invoice. On big letter see attach below they made eat in . I want there take away or dine in in big letter for kitchen staff


Yes you can, have you searched the forum there are already tutorials on how to do this. This is probably why noone is replying as this has been answered many times before

First article that comes up when you search

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Yes I searched but there is only one button who is toggle . Can I have two button please help me. Last night I had in my restaurant and I just opened it the day before. I mean 4/1/2017. It was my second day please help. Show some configuration for me

Its same concept but instead of using toggle just create two buttons.


I know it’s your time wasting question and I am sorry for this. But I am not programmer and not genious like you. I need help to create two button under settle and close screen how can I do that first. Step by step don’t show me screen shot just show me like go to manage then account something like that
Second I know if I will press these two button the ticket will go to dine in or take away but how these item will come up on KOT how I will setup printer template. Thanks in advance but this is challege for me from last night could not sleep well

Make automation command (buttons)
Map to ticket line 2.
Make rule for each with constraint of command name for each
Make and add tag ticket actions for in and out tags.
Add ticket tag {} line to print template.

You don’t need to be a genius or programer to use samba, you just need to spend some time to learn, same as anything.
From sounds of it you need to brush up on the basics of automation.
Watch one of my tutorial videos - that will give you the idea of how it works.
Search forum for ‘HD with VoiceOver’, try the fast cash button one as covers automation commands and some actions (not tag but will show the theory behind)


Watch this Basic Automation Tutorial Video for Simple Fast Cash Buttons [HD with Voiceover]

I don’t know why people think I am a programmer. I am a restaurant owner and work for Walmart as an Academy Facilitator. I have never once coded anything. I have messed around and learned a few things here and there. I am certainly not a genius, I can read and comprehend and learn though.

Sorry I was not trying to be smart or waste anyone’s time. You certainly are not wasting my time. I feel if you followed a few tutorials vs me just showing or telling you how to do something you would learn more and it will benefit your business more.

Try a few things if you make a mistake try to figure out why.

Thanks @ JTRTech I have created successfully button ,mapped and rule but stuck in action . I created
action name ----order type
Action type------- update ticket tag
Tag name -------DT
Tag value------- ??? Don’t know
Or I can leave ticket tag value empty

Dear kendash what I have wrong just check my ticket tag… it’s not showing take away or dine in see the attach

Are you sure that’s correct syntax for that tag in your printer template? Check it again to be sure.

I show you every setting see below attach

Dear @JTRTech please see my picture obove and guide me where is the problem

OK you are using {ORDER TAGS:DT} That syntax does not exist. It is a ticket tag anyway not order tag. So according to the tag helper on the right it should be {TICKET TAG:DT}

Also you are not actually setting a ticket tag because you left value empty.

So in your action put [:Tag Value] for Value section. Then remove the action from your rule save it then add it back to your rule and for Tag Value put [:Command Name]

I highly recommend doing more tutorials to get practice and knowledge even if you think you won’t use the feature. Simply doing lots of tutorials will expose you to more features and how to use them.

Hey should I select from drop down many if yes then which one because here are different see below attach

or should I put manually again [:Command Name]

Use the drop down. I was mistaken on the name.

All done thanks @ kendash… that’s why I said before you are genious…but another problem is when I click take away or dine it don’t show me anything on ticket on computer that it is take away or dine … like in hold when you order hold it shows you in small yellow that it is hold so you know it is hold… how can do that to see on ticket dine in or take away in small yellow line. Because in his way you are 100 sure that you have pressed the button. Tha ks