Ticket Tag - Simple Example for: Dine-In / To-GO

This is a simple implementation of a Ticket Tag that I use to toggle between “Dine-In” orders and “To-Go” orders. I prefer this method instead of separate Departments and Ticket Types, since it’s implementation is very easy to do and simple to observe.

Operational Flow:

Tickets showing Ticket Tag:

Automation Command to toggle the Ticket Tag value:

Action to set the Ticket Tag value. In this example, the Ticket Tag is named “SG” (StayGo).

Action to Refresh Ticket - this is used to update the POS display.

Rule to Update the Ticket Tag value (toggles “SG” Ticket Tag between “To GO” and “Dine In

Printer Template showing use of the Ticket Tag called “SG”.

Where {TICKET TAG:SG} is located, one of the following will be printed: Dine In or To GO.





-- Format for order tags


What would I have to do in order to get the extra button like you have under the Settle and Close screenshot? I am mainly interested in the music button. Thanks.

Those buttons are Automation Commands which are triggered by Automation Command Executed Rule which can launch a specific Action of your choice. They show there because they are mapped to show under Ticket Row 2.

I am able to create the button, but I don’t know how to link it to the music player in order for it to play music.

Use a Start Process Action to launch the Music Player of choice, and create a Rule to capture the Automation Command and fire the Action…

imported database but the To-Go is not toggling

What database? There is none supplied for this Tutorial.

Follow the instructions presented above, and always ensure to have a default mapping for any Rules.

@QMcKay He may be referring to the Database Import tools I packaged it up and put it under that collection post. However it does work ive tested it numerous times including now. So @superlik if this is what you are referring to we need more information other than it doesnt work. What doesnt work?

PS: I just imported it into a fresh database and it toggled correctly right out of box after import. So if this is what your referring too it might be that there is a conflict with your system. Either case we need more information we have no clue what point the failure is happening

Here is after I imported the file. I did not need to edit anything just imported logged in and ran a test.

If this is not what your talking about then i suggest you try this file and import it with Database Tools it will work out of box. You must extract it from the.zip first and import the txt it will not import from zip yet. [Simple Dine-In/To-Go Ticket Tag][1]

When following a tutorial make 100% certain you have followed each step exact and as @qmckay pointed out make sure you have default mapping for all rules.
[1]: Database Import Tool: Pre-Built Solutions

i have service tax for dine in if we use ticket tag how can we get services tax calculated for dine in only

Assuming you already have a Service Tax Calculation Type defined, you could apply or Remove the Calculation using Ticket Tag Updated/Changed event and the Update Ticket Calculation Action.

P.S. sorry if the terms are not completely accurate - I don’t have a system near me to check them.

yes i do have a service tag calculation currently set for restaurant department it would be helpful if you elaborate what action and rule i will have to sate …thanks in advance

@QMcKay i have try but not working please indicate where i am wrong

You have the correct general idea, but I can’t be sure where the issue is since both your screenshots are for the same Rule for Dine In.

the rule is executed if i use automation command for removing the service charge.

no action is taken on ticket tag selected

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This is my implementation of this ticket tag. Before creating a ticket this pops up and prompts the waitress to choose what type of order it is…


@antasp3136 I am actually using a method similar. I want to force them to choose.

Bit off topic but you buttons on the ask questio. Just reminded me of something. A while ago there was an update to have the buttons display vertically instead of horizontally, i think it was to do with multiple delivery addresses and selecting the one you want

Was that something separate or can the ask questions buttons be set vertically? Ive tried to search on the forum but cant find the right post

I have never heard of that being possible.

This may be V5 only but I think you can set Button Height.