Connect sambapos from home

i have sambapos installed on 2pc at my restaurant and i want to connect my home pc to the same data base and use sambapos as if im at the restaurant so when there is purchases and transactions done and view tickets.Sometimes i need to work from home and have all the features of sambapos at home and work as if im at the restaurant…how do i connect my sambapos from home to sambapos at the restaurant via networking, is there an app i can download to my home pc and restaurant pc to connect together or vpn connection i can do.

There are several options for you to do this. Before I continue DO NOT expose your SQL server directly to the internet. Whilst certainly the easiest, it’s the least secure.

Anydesk has an option for you to forward ports through a connection. You could map, say, local port 1435 to remote 1433. Then configure a shortcut for SambaPOS with a hard-coded connection string in the shortcut with the remote server’s port.

Using the above method, you could also enable RDP on your remote host, pass the ports through an anydesk connection, then RDP into the remote host over the tunnel. The draw back would be to streams of video coming through the tunnel which could affect usability.

You could setup a PC running PFSense that acts as your router (or, they have pre-made devices for sale). Then, install OpenVPN and you can then VPN into your remote network.

Installing the OpenVPN software onto one of your remote computers is also an option. You’ll have to open the required ports in your router and hope your ISP doesn’t block them.

thanks i think i will just use Any desk or teamviewer to connect to the pc in my office restaurant

We use Splashtop. Switched from teamviewer. I think it’s smoother than TeamViewer.

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All I did was set up a VPN connection on my server and connect to it from my laptop remotely. The only changes I had to make in Samba was to use the IP address in all the settings (Message Server, Database, etc) instead of the server name. It works very well for me. This way I can also access shared folders, and resources outside of Samba at the same time. Windows has a built in and easy way of adding the VPN functionality out of the box.

Setup VPN in Windows 10

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thank you, i will look into that as well, if i come up with any problems i will let you know so you can help me out