Connecting to SambaPOS v5 Default DB

Hi everyone,

Just did a fresh install of SambaPOS 5. It asked to download and install SQL and it did. If I open SambaPOS I can now see it has SQ in the title bar meaning multi-user SQL mode according to the forums.

I try to connect to it with SSMSE but the management studio asks me for the server, if I put localhost or the PC name it does not work, so I tried local host or the PC name and then \SAMBAPOS5 or SAMBAPOS.

Nothing seems to work. How do I connect to the default DB? I actually just want to delete it.

Thank you

The samba installer would not install full SQL Express it would install localDB which is local only lite version of SQL.
If you want multiple terminals you will need to download SQL Express.
Here is a tutorial for install and setup with SQL Express 2014

I believe it is possible to connect MSSQLM to localDB but never used localDB so cant advise on that however it DOES NOT support multiple terminal, you need SQL Express for that.

This wont be an issue but a configuration error, issue category is for software bugs :smile: have changed it to question.

Hello – do you have any suggestion how to connect to or delete the DB in the lite version? I am doing a new build, I could probably later export it and import it into a multi user environment but right now I need to “zero it out”

Just use the database tools in samba…

Manage --> Settings --> Database Tools --> Database Tasks

If 'Clear Database Transactions in not there go to tools and create default tasks.

To connect to LocalDB from SSMS, set server name to (LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB and Windows Authentication type. It is then just identical usage as if connecting to a full MSSQL instance.

If you are just setting it up first, you can just use LocalDB. Then once you are ready for multi terminal, just upgrade to SQL Express then.

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