Connection Dropped - Reverted to text file

Almost ready to deploy a 2 till installation next week, I noticed that my Client machine had dropped the connection to the server - it would not log in and the message at the bottom said not connected in red. On restarting, it failed to connect to the sql server and exited.

On the next boot, it has reverted back to the original text file config I was playing with.

How can I prevent it reverting back in the future?


Please check that firewalls are de-activated. in 99% of times, the firewall blocks MESSAGE SERVER (your red “not conneted” message) and SQL, as sql, has no fixed port.

To prevent the rewriteing of the config file hit cancel when the connection message appears.


… also if it is a wireless connection please improve your network setup. Poor wireless signal is something SambaPOS can’t handle.

Dear @emre, why is that so? others can, and samba not?

is there smething special there?

I had to improve signal with a DIR-505, as @JohnS suggested, and it eorked great… nevertheless, sometimes (very few times) I get a network crash… nothing to be scared of… just a few times in the month…


A lot of other system cache data and then write to the server - most retail systems use this method. The problem with that is real time data is not available.
SambaPOS expects a constant connection to the server. This is why wifi is not the best solution unless you invest in quality equipment and ensure your getting the best performance.

Others claims they can but you’ll probably experience lost tickets, missed prints, wrong reports, etc…

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it’s a wired connection. I understand connections might drop (the router fell over), it was the reverting to the text file which alarmed me somewhat.

Never experienced that issue. SambaPOS doesn’t have a fall back setting, it should just keep saying that it failed to connect to the SQL Server.
I would get rid of the TXT file.