Consistent delay when selecting a product on POS screen

Selecting products on the POS screen used to be near instantaneous over the past 2 months until yesterday. Now, selecting any product will always result in a 2-3 second delay.

This means the cashier will have to wait 3 seconds for each product that is selected because they have to wait for the product to appear in the list. Because we are a prepay QSR, this significantly increases the amount of time each customer has to wait in the checkout line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


  • 2-3 second delay whenever selecting a product on any terminal, including the Server PC
  • 2-3 second delay to print to kitchen whenever online order from GloriaFood is confirmed (likely unrelated)
  • No delays when selecting a category or order tag
  • No delays when using any of the Entity Screens, including Entity Screens with ticket listers with auto refresh interval at 3 seconds
  • No delays when using the Task Printer Kitchen Display by QMcKay
  • No improvement after rebooting Terminal PCs

Recent changes to SambaPOS

  • 2 days ago - Added an Entity Type (Customers Call-in) and modified a default Entity Type (Customers)

  • Last week - Set up Kitchen Display with Task Printer by QMcKay and 2 Entity Screens with ticket listers showing open and closed tickets.

Networking Hardware:

  • Patch Panel
  • Ubiquiti USG
  • Ubiquiti 6 port Switch
  • Ubiquiti AP-LR
  • Netgear Unmanaged Switch FS108 10/100

SambaPOS Hardware:

SERVER PC via Patch Panel to Ubiquiti Switch
Xeon E3-1225 CPU, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD

MAIN TERMINAL PC via Netgear Switch to Patch Panel to Ubiquiti Switch
i3-6100 CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD

2ND TERMINAL PC via Patch Panel to Ubiquiti Switch
i3-6100 CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD

Surface 3 Pro with i5-4300u CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

Check and make sure on your entity screen for task is NOT set to autorefesh of 1 or similar it should be 0

Also you can go to programsettings and maintenance and try safely resizing columns.

Thanks for the suggestions, I just tried Safely Resizing Columns but the delay is still present. Also tried disabling the Task Listers by setting the State to an invalid value.

So you didnt check what I asked about auto refresh?

Edit: I fixed it but I meant auto refresh.

Your setup is very nice. Shouldn’t have any slowdown at all. What version of SambaPOS?

SambaPOS 5.2.24

I had 2 ticket listers active. One of them had the auto refresh set to 3 and the other set to 5. I did set them to 0, but no improvement.

Yeah, I figured the hardware easily meets SambaPOS’s requirements. I will try rebooting everything including the networking hardware tonight after the restaurant closes.

We would need to see what automation you have.

Delay still present after reboot of everything.

I restored a Backup on my laptop with local SQL DB and there was no delay, everything is smooth. Could this delay be SQL or network related?

Last time I experienced this was when I connected the Switch to the ISP router for one of our clients. @VehbiEmiroglu uploaded a fresh setup on the Sambapos site. Which worked for me. In my case the delay increased to about 11 seconds delay.

  1. When did you download the 5.2.24?
  2. Try disconnecting you Internet cable from the switch and restart your Server
    Unfortunately most of my chat with @VehbiEmiroglu was private cause I had to share some confidential.
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Reinstalling a new copy of SambaPOS 5.2.24 fixed the delay, I did not have to try the network advice.

5.2.24 was initially installed on September 6th.

Thank you @Sp3nc3r

Edit: I noticed that the newly installed build of 5.2.24 has a later date on the window title bar- 10/1/2019. This explains why my laptop had no delay since it recently installed SambaPOS. Although I find it strange that the delay bug just showed up recently when I’ve had the older 5.2.24 installed for over a month.

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@Scott I suspected you and added another terminal? In my case, it only affected clients with Multiple terminals. One client has a total of 8 PCs and the other has 5 PCs.

We did not recently add a new terminal, we have been using 3 terminals from the beginning.

How’s the performance with your clients with 5 and 8 terminals? I’m also curious what are the specifications for their Server PC and Terminals, if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks again.

You specs are better than the ones at the main system I manage.
Server there is an early i3 8gb with SSD, terminals are all core2duo 4gb ram with ssd.
2 static terminals and 2 iPads with rdp to similar PCs as terminals.
Also have samba loaded on the two office machines.
Think the hotel is still on .21

First ticket opened and order added on a day after pc turned of does delay where cashe is updated I presume but generally no issues and this system has allot of custom automation.

I guess for future deployments I can lower the specs for the hardware. I’m curious what’s the main benefits of going with RDP? Also is there any notable input lag with RDP?

RDP isnt the ideal solution, but prefer iPads for appearance, battery life etc.
Havnt checked for a while but earlier days a loss of wifi was problematic, but believe improved reconnection refry count etc based improved but with rdp loss of connection just means frozen screen. Reconnection returns to same place before, if you did loose network and sba crash part way through an unsubmitted ticket it would be lost
And android app is not an option for hotel due to amount of custom automation not supported in app.
I use USFF PC per ipad 1:1 rather than rdp server etc as can get these small dells for approx 60 in uk with used/refurb early ipad mini for approx 80-100 it’s not expensive option.
Connectivity on wifi is an issue at hotel as spread out, with lots of thick (3ft in places) walls. While get signal everywhere, there is allot of api jumping just moving between kitchen, restaurant and conservatory.

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