Constraint using Order Tags

Hi All:
I am unable to create constraints using order tags.
I followed Emre’s Tutorial for reprinting kitchen orders. But I want to allow an item to be reprinted only once. So I added an order tag named Duplicate.
If the user selects some submitted orders and presses Reprint Kitchen automation command, The orders are reprinted and are tagged “Duplicate”,
Now I want to create a custom constraint for the Reprint Kitchen Order rule to run only if the orders are not tagged duplicate but I am not able to make that happen.
I have tried different options including:

{ORDER TAG:Duplicate} Not Equals Duplicate
Order Tag Name Not Equals Duplicate etc.

Below are the screen shots:

You cannot Tag an Order that has already been submitted.

It would be better to use Order States for this, because you can alter States so long as the Ticket isn’t Paid (and even then you can find ways to do it). The Ticket can be open, closed, locked, printed, or almost anything other than Settled/Paid, while still being able to alter Ticket States and Order States.

thanks a lot QMcKay. I am gonna give that a try now. Was struggling with this for two days.