Consumption report / warehouse


I’ve started testing Sambapos V5, and i need some reports.
The first one is: i need to group consumption report by warehouse - ex: a list of inventory items with pizza ingredients, and another list of ingredients with bar inventory items.

The second one is a very similar report: item sales report, groupped by item tag. I have now 1 for Bar and 2 for pizza products (that’s enough, and a must for the fiscal printer - for department);
So one table only with Item Tag 1, and another table with Item Tag 2.


Anybody? Is there a group functions like “Settled by XY” and so on?


Thanks for your reply @QMcKay , but i need to group inventory items by warehouse, like user sales. Every warehouse should be in different table - with inventory items.

This isnt the correct report tag as never used or looked at inventory or inventory reporting but would give you the idea…


For that type of layout you either manually make the whorehouse list for find a report setup which returns a list and put it on the @ which is a list of variables/paramiters.
Then in your report tag you constrain it to $1 which will trigger the report to repeat per value in the list.

The wiki page for custom reporting is a very good resource. It shows you enough to build just about any report.

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