Controlling the stock

There were plans to control the stock items and to restrict the sale of negative stock. A suggestion was made on portion based tracking, from my end i still have issues in controlling my inventory items.
I read through the above tutorials but couldn’t achieve the desired results.
I want to control everything in my warehouse such that when that product is out of stock it cannot be posted by the waiters.I don’t want to keep on voiding stuff posted by my waiters and they are out of stock.

What are you expecting? Someone to just type up a full tutorial for you?
You need to show what you have done and we can do our best to assist with your issue.
Without this we have no idea where you have got to and where you issue might be.

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There is a tutorial done already on this topic one by Johan Alimohov

Stop selling out of stock items

but its not fully aligned.I cant understand the language the author is using.In the mean time let me attach some screen shots of what i have done