Copy menu from local db to MSSQL db

Question about menu moving from one computer to another.

Work environment has MSSQL EXPRESS 2014 with management mmc.
Three stations all sharing same DB.

Test situation at home is localdb install of Samba. I have a nice menu built within it.

How can I take the home menu and export/import into the Work environment?

Will it work at all since both DB are different?

SQL express and localdb are both sql express. Just one rubs as a service the other as a local process

Ok thats great. Maybe you can help me figure something out.

One time I had a test station at home and at work. I did some things on the home machine, like menus and users, the did a backup. Took the backup to work, and imported. Both are local db configs.

The users did not come across. Why is that? Curious as to why.

No way of knowing but if you backup then restore on the other system you restore everything. It won’t miss something out.

Most likely you didn’t save something correctly and since you are new to using SambaPOS I would put it down to that. Backup and restore a sql database is going to give you an exact copy.

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I wouldnt recommend this practice but you can copy your database files (.mdf and .ldf), put it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.SAMBASQL\MSSQL\DATA

you can then attach the database in the SQL Server Management Studio.

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Also you realise backup/restore will over it whole database - ie sales history etc on live system with that from home/Dev machine.

How can I work on a menu away from store location at home and take it to store location?
Just the menu and modifiers

I do my remote work using teamviewer but similar remote control/desktop would do the job.

I prefer Anydesk myself.

Yes but what if you want to design a basic menu to have on hand to speed up deployment?

Im not sure why products or menus are not in database tools export but they arent which rules that out.
Personally if I needed to do that I would possibly look at using SQL to duplicate the menu from one database to another. I did a duplicate category script a while back. Anything is achiveable however direct sql manipulation shouldnt be done unless you know what your doing.
Alternatively sticking with the remote desktop option you know you can duplicate the menu and work on it as a second copy and change the default menu when switching.
I do this for our menu updates, run a rolling pair of menus which we switch between at each update. If you could remote to an unused maybe office pc also running samba you can configure that that till uses the progressing menu while your working on it so you dont impact the live menu.

You can use yaml to import export menu you can take it a step further and use a configuration task to speed up deployment.

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Will this work if I have a menu I created for one client and want to copy it and edit down the menu for another client?

Thats what I did.

1234560000 (20 item requirement)