Correct procedure for adding a terminal to a database

Ok, not sure if already documented but searches obviously came up with allot of connection string related and activation topics.
As you may have seen in lounge topic been reworking the tills in new place and every single time I added a new terminal either new or after upgrading HDD to ssd etc (same thing samba wise) it knocked the database off activation…
Couldn’t work out the correct procedure;
Login market on samba first then change string.
Link to db then sign in etc…
Couldn’t get new machine to connect without then having to clear licence and reactivate… Or is that what needs to be done?

Each till has to be activated.

Appreciate that but everytime I have to clear line ce on and activate/signing I all,.

Hi. I got samba on my first terminal with menu set up. How do I get samba terminal 2 with menu from terminal 1. Do I download samba pos on terminal 2.? How does menu transfer onto terminal 2? Any additional software download?

To use multi terminal setup you need to install SQL Express 2016 and then connect each terminal to it via the connection string settings. Here are some tutorials to help you. These were written several years ago so the version of SQL might be dated but you can still follow them with SQL Express 2016 not much has changed.


Once sql express 2016 install . I understand string part .How does both connect wirelessly or cable. Do I set both terminal on work network?

Yes. Both terminals must be on same network for it to work

On my first terminal I got menu setup . No menu setup Terminal 2 . Do I set up menu Terminal 2? What do suggest?

If you already setup second terminal and second terminal is connected to first terminal database or server database then it will automatically show your terminal 1 or server menu.

I just downloaded sambapos on my terminal 2 . Option of SQL express 2014 when downloading. Any other configuration needed?

You don’t need SQL on the seccond machine, you point second machine to first using connection string.
Go through the tutorials kendash posted, it’s all in there.

The localdb SQL that is an option during install does not support multi terminal. You need to follow tutorials provided and install/configure SQL express