Cost Report Problem

Hello Samba People!
When i see the cost report it doesn’t seem right.
I’ve tried all default price things in stocks.
Samba should calculate the cost as i entered the values , am i right?
Actually i really don’t want it to calculate the average item cost anymore. Cuz I’ve been trying to do it for almost 2 days.
Is there any space available that i can enter the certain prices of my stock items ?
For exp : The price of Efes Malt 33cl is 2,68 per bottle.
Any help would be highly appreciated

There are two things that may change how cost appears.

Average Purchase Price : This is obvious. If you buy 100 Items for 100 and additional 100 items for 200 the average cost becomes 300 / 200 = 1,5. It won’t be your last purchase price.

End of Day Adjustments : For example if you sell 100 items and adjust it to 150 at the end of work period -SambaPOS assumes 50 items are missing (lost, broken, etc)- the cost of 100 items becomes 150 items. So if you purchased them for 1 per unit, cost becomes 1,5.


Thanks for the reply.
As be seen above , my purchase price is not changed as you said. Than it can’t be the average cost , right ?
If I buy 10 items for 10$ and sell 3 of them at the end of the day , i should see the report like ; X item Costs 1 , Sold 3 Times etc.
I dont’t think it’s that difficult to solve , what if i do not want it to calculate ? Any available space that i might enter the certain purchase prices?
Cuz if i put certain values which rarely changes the system will work fine for me.

You must have a special version of version 4 I didnt think language support was in v4?

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OK so let me prove it works. lol

I bought 10 juice for $10.

Sold 3 items.

Total cost becomes 30…

From your screenshots it is impossible to know how it calculated 2.03 but if you review your past transactions and end of day records you can find the reason.

Purchase price and Cost are two different things. Cost calculates from your average purchase prices, your sell frequency and end of day adjustments. There is nothing we can discuss here. We don’t support another cost calculation method.

In Turkish…

Fatih Alış Fiyatı ve Maliyet aynı şey değil. Maliyet yaptığın alımların ortalamasına, satış şekline ve gün sonu ayarlamalarına göre hesaplanır. Bu konuda tartışılacak bir durum yok farklı bir yöntem desteklemiyoruz.

He is using V3 resource dll’s with V4. One user discovered it. (but we don’t support that)


I see I would imagine that could have possibility of causing other issues… but maybe not its something I will not need to try :stuck_out_tongue:

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It causes few issues but there is no reason to deal with them as we’ll release ML support with V5.

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Thanks for proving it works on Samba Pos 5. lol
It’s exactly what i need that you have done.
Thanks for helping anyway.

It works in v4 as well…he just happened to be on v5 but the way cost works is the same between 5 and 4.