Could not print Chinese charactor


I tried to set character set to 936 after installed simple Chinese library but problem is still there.

I am using SambaPOS 4.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Does printer support?
Is printer character set set to same?
Are you using ESCPOS (Ticket Printer I think in V4) or other option for printer type?

My printer is a old printer. BIXOLON SRP 370UG

…ok, but what about the questions I asked :slight_smile:

how could I check this? Thanks

I meant in samba;

But in V4 i believe it says ticket printer for ESC/POS option.

for some reaons, I don’t have escpos, because of my printer too old?



Read my posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows printer might be the issue. Character Set number is for Ticket Printer (ESC/POS) I think.

Thanks again.

I don’t have ticket printer either.

If I chose ticket printer, it printed wrong info. I chose windows printer, it printed right info but big font size character. I think it is ok for now. Thank you for your wonder replies.