Could you suggest a good cloud SQL Server hoster?

Greetings Friends,

I have to deploy a multi-location setup, and I would like to host the SQL database on a cloud server.

Has anyone here done this before?

Could you suggest a good cloud based SQL Hosting service, which works well with SambaPOS?



I would be cautious, sambapos is not curently optimised for WAN type connections,
It could work but you would need a good symmetric internet connection.
Perhaps you would be better to wait to see what emre has been up to recently and what Neptune has to offer.


I have managed to connect SambaPOS to a SQL Server Express database hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Lets see how it functions, when there are multiple clients connected, and trying to create tickets.


Hi JTRTech, would I be better off by installing SQL on a local server, and have the outlets use a VPN Tunnel (like Hamachi) to connect to the server? Would that be more stable than the SQL Server on AWS?

@somilmittal I dont know the answer to that question.
The bottleneck (at least here in UK) without getting dedicated T1 type internet connection is obviously the upload/out.
There is obviously allot out write (out) traffic.
Personally I prefer a local EPOS system due to the high demand use in my installs and occasionally sketchy internet connections.
My understanding is emre has been very quiet recently as been working on ‘neptune’ which rumour is is a chain/multisite manager with guesses being it will unifi multiple local SQL database onsite with a central management point.
This to me is the preferred solution for EPOS.
Although we are only guessing as no offial word on the structure of the setup.

Maybe if you explain your reason for needing a centeral/cloud database we can better understand your needs.

Hi JTRTech, I have a client, who sells burgers, and has 7 outlets around the city. He wants to run a single instance of the sql server, and have the sambapos clients from the 7 outlets connect to the sql server, and conduct operations.

As I understand, I have 2 options:

Option One:

  1. Host SQL Server on a PC connected to the Internet, and install VPN Tunneling software on it.
  2. Install SambaPOS Clients, and the VPN Tunnel Software at the 7 outlets, and have them connect to the Server LAN via VPN Tunnel, then access the SQL Database

Option Two:

  1. Host SQL Server on AWS. (Amazon Web Services)
  2. Install SambaPOS Clients, at the 7 outlets, and have them access the SQL Database on AWS directly via endpoint address.

The samba presentation program is not optimised for WAN based system.

Your best option would be to use the API like the PMPOS project or the upcoming android and iOS apps.
These use the API which works over the web lightening fast.
This is not an install and go solution though.

The ‘neptune’ project would likely be the preferable option once released.

So the problem also is if anything happens to that servers connection ALL 7 outlets would stop functioning. I would wait for a solution they are testing. It won’t be too long for branch support.

I am waiting for the new version eagerly!

We use MS Azure SQL hosting for all of our terminals. 5 tablets, plus on main PC that’s connected to the cash drawer and printer. Works more or less without issue.

We have a back up 4G router in case of fibre failure.

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How many locations are you managing with this set up?

Hello im testing SambaPOS on google cloud sql server, and i have an issue, when i connect in sambapos thrue editing the connection fields its connecting but when i restart samba i doesnt connect… whats the problem?

Google cloud sql server is not something we support. You will need to provide more information about this. Maybe the community can help you.

I would not recommend a cloud sql server unless you have extremely fast reliable always on direct internet connection. SambaPOS requires constant connection to SQL Server to operate and putting that on the cloud is very risky unless your internet is top tier and 99.9% uptime.

Maybe explain what you are trying to accomplish by putting it on the cloud?

now its working halleluja, im trying to test it at the moment it seems to work fine…thank you for responding!