Countdown clock for delivery

In our pizza department we would want to be able to choose time when we promise the order to be ready. If an order is made at 15.03 and it should be ready after 20 minutes It would be shown on the printout Ready 15.23 and on the Sambapos screen a clock would start a countdown 19:59

We would want to have buttons with different delivery time to choose from for. ex. 10, 15, 20 … or.45 minutes.

Is it possible to programme this in Sampapos.

I believe this is do-able.

While this is theoretically possible using features such as Order Tags, Ticket Tags, and/or States using some {TIME:hhmm} tags and some math, I don’t think you will be able to have a real-time running count-down. Having a screen or Ticket display refresh every x seconds could give you a fairly accurate estimate though.

SambaPOS does track Ticket creation time and Order placement time, so you could capture either of those (or both) and create an Order Tag or Ticket Tag to show both your selection for delivery time (10,15,20,etc) and using a live custom Entity Screen with a Ticket Lister Widget on a refresh, you could over-write another Tag with the time remaining.